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Community Activities

Participate with us in forging a new model of community life where spiritual conversation and service to others go hand-in-hand. Each of our core community building activities aims to foster inner transformation and create wider circles of inclusion. Together, neighbors cultivate a sense of collective ownership for the spiritual, social and economic well-being of their community.



In Benicia, we hold Interfaith Devotions via Zoom.   We gather to say and read prayers from various traditions from the world’s religions.  No sermons or preaching is done.  It is a nice pause to the week for ½ hour and will uplift your spirits.  Please check the Upcoming Events page for times and dates.

Children's Activities


Classes for children allow a community’s youngest members to practice their God-given qualities, such as kindness, generosity, patience and compassion. Parents, teens and young adults teach these classes and create an environment where children feel they belong to the community and share in its purpose.  (Currently postponed)

Study Circles

Study Circles2.jpg

Our study circles are workbook-based studies utilizing materials from the Ruhi Institute, as well as other theme-based workbooks provided by the Bahá'í Publishing Trust.  We also study the Writings of the World’s Religions to deepen our knowledge and broaden our understanding.  Reach out to us through the Contact Us area on the Home Page to find out more about these.

Community Activities: Get Involved

Ennobling the Soul Throught Art


Are you artistic or enjoy participating in art-centered discussions?  Please come join us at a private home in Benicia where the gathering uses the arts to discuss various themes that connect the arts to spirituality.  It is a Benicia institution that has been meeting for years.

Youth/Junior Youth Activities


Groups of  teens and pre-teens tap into young people’s acute sense of justice, growing awareness and increased interest in profound questions. Through storytelling, discussion, recreation, arts and service projects, participants form healthy and productive patterns of behavior. They build discernment and decision making skills, and learn to address the needs of their communities.



Our monthly community-building pot-lucks are held with a spiritual/social theme to inspire unity and friendship building. A great way to meet other people and neighbors.

Community Activities: Get Involved
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